Nearby® Multimedia Museum

Surprise your visitors by having relevant information popping in their smartphone on their native language when they are Nearby® your museum / art gallery or to a given exposition or art piece product.

Give them a easy way to find their position inside your museum by enabling blueprint information without the need of GPS.
Gather useful information that you can analyze & take advantage of to improve visitors returns.

How it Works



Intuitive / easy management.

Museums / Exhibitions

Information on museums and exhibitions.


Itineraries or routes, inside and outside the museum.

Media content

Video, audio, image, text, pdf, multilanguage.


Rooms, temporary exhibitions, gardens, spaces.

Proximity notifications

Enabled whenever the visitor approaches a place or an art piece.

App available for android and ios

Art pieces

Details about art pieces.

Remote notifications

Communicate with visitors even when they are no longer in the museum.