NearBy® Proximity Solutions

So you heard of iBeacon , EddyStone, RFID, NFC, IOT and so on. 

But does any of these help to empower your business?

Our focus is to bring proximity awareness to empower business applications, making it a part of the IOT world.

We’ve been working with iBeacon since the early days of the technology, and built a platform that reduces the customization time of new solutions. NearBy® Proximity Solution’s goal is to empower your business throught the use of proximity technologies!

In 2014 our solution regarding proximity marketing, NearBy App, was awarded with the City Apps 1º Prize in the “Lisbon Vodafone Big Apps”, and took it to a next level of commitment in 2015 when Nearby® founders decided to leave their corporate jobs to do what they love most: Build innovative, robust and real solutions to solve client’s problem.


Improve your customer’s shopping experience by offering them tailored information or promotions and discounts when they are near to a purchase point.


Provide your customers the ability to see their own location inside your shop and search for places / products, showing them the route, without the need of GPS.


Take the most out of IoT by letting your own assets to inform / alert your Information System about their location, maintenance schedule and status.

NearBy® Proximity Marketing

Do you want to innovate
your customer's experience?

Surprise your costumers by giving them a promotion, or important information when they are Nearby® your store or around a specific product. Give them a easy way to find their position inside your store by enabling store blueprint on NearBy® App.
Gather useful information that you can analyze & take advantage of to trigger segmented campaigns & empower costumers loyalty.

Proximity Notifications

Notify your customers when they are nearby products, or area, with discounts, publicity videos or coupons.

With or Without App

Support of Eddystone & iBeacon so that you can target customers that do no have your App!

Indoor Location

Give your customers information about their indoor location (no need of GPS) like area details, routes, sponsored events.

BI Analitics

Get real-time customer behavior analysis like heatmaps, most frequently used paths and others.

NearBy® Asset Management

Do you know where your assets Are? Let them tell you where they are!
Empower different process, with IOT & awareness, like tracking (inside / outside your premises), inventory, maintenances & indoor location of your assets. Works in Android/IOS, without the need of additional equipments, complemented with a web back-office.

Do you know
where your assets are now?
Find your Assets

Identify all your assets movements, average travelling times or even measure temperature during processing.

Made Easy Inventory

Collect all-at-once information about assets on your surroundings (e.g. precise indoor location, temperature, others).

Maintenance Alerts

Import vendor maintenances & trigger conditions. Alerts will be launched when you are nearby assets require maintenance.

Easy Setup

On our Cloud or on yours IT Systems. No significant need of modification of your core infra-structure, custom API to simplify integration.

NearBy® Multimedia Museum

Do you want to give ``life``
to your exhibitions?

Surprise your visitors with relevant information on our smartphones and in your native language when you are near your Museum, Art Gallery or your exhibition or art piece. Give them a easy way to find their position inside your museum by enabling blueprint information without the need of GPS.

Gather useful information that you can analyze & take advantage of to improve visitors returns.

App Available on Visitor's Smartphone

Guaranteeing less cost on equipment for the museum.

New Communication Channel

Remote notifications even when the visitor is no longer in the museum.

Real-Time Updates

Through the cloud platform that allows museum content managers to update or customize exhibit content.

Remote Notifications

Contact with past visitors through remote notifications giving them useful information about new expositions.

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