Nearby® Asset Management

Reduce the time spent on tracking and managing your assets. With “Nearby® Asset Management” platform your equipment tells your systems where they are and if any maintenance is needed. With functionalities like Automatic Inventory, Asset Tracking (in & off premises), Maintenance Process / Checklists, Location Awareness Information (for ex. temperature and humidity sensors). Seamless integration with your existing Information Systems through our APIs

How it Works

Nearby® tagged Asset with location control in the expeditor’s warehouse.

Expeditor and client with asset location control during transportation.

Asset location control in the client’s warehouse.


Automated Tracking

Control all movements of your assets. Trigger customized actions when they enter/leave your, or your clients facilities, premises.

Quick Inventory Scan

Save time! Scan for all assets around you (approx. 50m) instead of picking one by one!

Indoor Location

Configure your facility blueprint, and pinpoint ``logical`` business areas! Quickly find where a specific asset is stored, and get directions to it, saving precious time!


Manage all data in a web backoffice. Integrate data with existing systems through our API.

BI Analytics

Get real time insights of stock, asset locations, maintenances alerts, environment alerts (e.g. temperature). Use this to improve your business.


Support devices from any manufacture. Battery life aprox. 4 years.