Nearby® Proximity Marketing Platform

Improve your customer’s shopping experience when they find themselves in a position to make a decision near to a point-of-purchase by attracting them with tailored information, promotions and discount notifications (with the help of variety of mobile notification contents such as video’s, images, pure texts as well as redemption coupons).

Nearby® not alone gives them the ability to see their location inside a large shopping corner where they are, but also enables them to find their cars easily in the parking lot. Nearby® promotes fidelity programs by informing your customer about a running campaign even if they are outside of your shopping-premises.

Nearby® enables you to know your customer better by gathering reports on campaign outcome analysis, mostly used paths (footfall analysis), most crowded spaces (heatmap) and other useful insights through a powerful BI dashboard (powered by Microsoft Power BI).

Nearby® acts based up on real-time and gathered information:  generate real-time alerts for your space supervisors and up on request even for your customers.

All of these are mingled in one integrated Nearby® Proximity Marketing, platform specially designed on a Brand New App (iOS/Android) for you to empower your channel communication of marketing.

How it Works

Customer with the Nearby® app installed approaches the retail store with Nearby® app device.

Customer receives a variety of notifications (eg. Today’s Discount).

Mutually beneficial – customer and retailer.


Indoor Location

Configure your blueprints and points of interest, enable your customers to find where they are and search for places, products and events

with or without app

Notifications can be triggered even if there is no app installed, this is achieved by simultaneous use of Eddystone & iBeacon.


Combine different action triggers like distance, time of day or customer preferences, to display the right information at the right time and place.


Easily configurable

BI Analytics

Provide your team with real time insights of most crowded spaces, footfall analysis, campaigns aceptance. Use this to improve your business.


Support devices from any manufacturer or combine with existing wi-fi infrastructure, range from 0.5m to 100m and battery life aprox. 4 years.

Media Content

Vídeo, audio, image, text, pdf, base display templates, multi-language

NearBy API

Easily integrated with your information systems (ERP, CRM) with a powerfull API, avoiding redundancy of operations and information across systems.

Fully Customizable

Native iOS and Android base Apps, you can fully tailor it according to your brand guidelines and marketing strategy.