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Nearby Proximity Solutions - Mobile solutions take take leverage of iBeacon, Eddystone and other proximity/location technologies
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Jumbo Sintra App

About This Project

Nearby Proximity Solutions deployed a customizable version of “Nearby Proximity Marketing” in Jumbo Sintra.

The goal was to provide informations (about products, offers, events) to customers of Jumbo Sintra when they were nearby a specific point/product. On top of this  indoor location system that shows the current customer position, details over areas, and search for products & areas location.

Over the ramp period a set of other functionalities were introduced (as they started to be available in base platform) like Eddystone Support (that makes notifications available without the need of the app) or flyer/brochures download (in line with environment friendly strategies by reducing the number of physical media distribution).

All configurations on app are made by client thought the use of a easy back office app supported by Microsoft Azure.

The final application, Jumbo Sintra App, is available in Apple Store & Google Play  and was promoted by different channels like video or media

Indoor Navigation

Proximity Marketing


iBeacon, Eddystone, IOS, Android

Products, Retail