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Nearby Proximity Solutions - Mobile solutions take take leverage of iBeacon, Eddystone and other proximity/location technologies
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Warehouse Control

About This Project

NearBy Proximity solutions deployed a customized version of “Nearby Asset Management Platform” at Palmetal in Autoeuropa’s Industrial Park. Palmetal is one of the prime supplier of Volkswagen Autoeuropa for handling their stamping dies and steel coils.

Palmetal needed to automatize the tracking of different types of assets (e.g. Coils, Stamping Dies, Racks, Trailers) between their warehouses and the factory of their client.

Being the fact that the warehouses work mostly with metal assets, common solution like RFID wasn’t n an option. Unlike other solutions, Nearby tailored its platform by using a set of location and proximity technologies (e.g. ibeacon, Eddystone) in order to produce a complete solution for automated tracking which will be functional inside Palmetal and their clients facilities without the need of physical control gateways. On top of this, Nearby enabled rapid space inventory, precise indoor location of assets and environment control variables (e.g. temperature).
Warehouse operators use smart-phones to handle their day-to-day tasks. All collected data (e.g. current location, average temperature in transport/inside warehouse, number of entry and exit, duration of transportation etc) is available in a web platform and also in Palmetal internal ERP (by using Nearby API and ERP owned integration methods).

The project was inspired by Palmetal S.A.’s internal innovation strategy, teaming up with Nearby, leveraging knowldege from Nearby proprietory solution Proximity Platform. The solution is currently in production providing tracking facilities to three (3) large warehouses and a huge number of assets.


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Asset Management, Automated Tracking

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